Online Shopping Safety Tips

Online Shopping
    Online shopping makes getting the perfect gift a whole lot easier thanks to the internet and emerging technologies. However, for all its convenience, online shopping has multiple risks too. Identity theft is common so does credit card fraud. So, before you embark on an online shopping spree, make sure you are not leaving yourself at risk.

    Here are few tips to help you keep your information secure.

  1. Shop on familiar websites

When you are searching for a product online it is likely that you would first search the search engine. The results you obtain can get rigged to lead you astray, especially when you drift past the first few pages. However, if you search on a familiar website, the chances are it is less likely to be a rip-off. There are various online stores that lure customers with good deals and this is where you get excited and give your information.

  1. Skip the debit card

When shopping online it is better to use a credit card for payments. This is because credit cards offer more protection from identity theft than debit cards. The debit card holds all your information and linked to a bank account directly and is at much higher risk if some hacks it.

  1. Verify web security

The variety that is available when shopping online can be amazing, but it does not stop at just the products and prices that are available. Different levels of security are also available which you should be aware of. You should never buy a product from the sites that do not have SSL encryption installed. You will know this by the URL of the website, a secure site’s URL will start with HTTPS and have a lock icon. Just check it before you make any payments.

The above-mentioned are few of the tips to keep you protected when shopping online.